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Save Money with Replacement Windows for Your Durham Region Home

New windows installed by Luke’s can make your house look great and your energy bills look even better.

We install ENERGY STAR® windows from KV Custom Windows and Doors which can reduce your energy costs by around 10%.

Why Install Low-e Windows?

Low emissivity, or low-e, is a window coating process that allows the glass surface to reflect heat. The windows we install are filled with argon gas, which give you even greater energy savings.

Single low-e windows are standard, with double or triple low-e upgrades available. Installing low-e windows can also:

  • Reduce outside noise
  • Reduce condensation
  • Keep out cold drafts
  • Prevent fading of furniture and artwork

New Windows Are Easier to Clean and Maintain

Imagine not having to climb a ladder to clean your second story windows. When you install

modern windows, you can clean both sides from inside your home. There’s no need to paint them either, so you’ll save a lot of time and hassle. Together with a lifetime warranty, windows installed by Luke’s are virtually worry-free.

At Luke’s, we can install a new frame with your window or retro fit using your existing frame. We install a wide variety of styles, including:

  • Bays and bows
  • Awnings
  • Single and double hung
  • Single and double tilt sliders
  • Single or double lift out sliders
  • Casements
  • Tilts

To extend the life of your existing doors and windows, we also do caulking and other door repairs. Contact Luke’s for more information or a quote.


Luke’s Windows & Doors takes particular pride in bringing our Oshawa area customers state-of-the-art windows and doors from trusted manufacturers. Our primary supplier, KV Custom Windows and Doors, is a local manufacturer whose custom windows and doors beautify and protect many homes from Whitby to Bowmanville. We will help you get the custom look you want.

KV Custom Windows and Doors
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